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I am completing the final year of my Specialized Honours B.A. in Psychology at York University. 

My research interest lies in 3 areas:    

  1. How we can use writing as an intervention and therapeutic tool to gain insight into the way we create narratives about our past, present and future selves. I am particularly interested in how this can be used during major transitional periods (emerging adulthood, motherhood, immigration, career changes) to provide greater self-concept clarity, improve foresight, and reduce risky and excessive behaviours. I am currently completing my Honours Thesis with Dr. Raymond Mar on this topic. 

  2. The generational effects of war on individuals and families. Particularly matrilineal relationships and the generational transfer of trauma and coping mechanisms. 

  3. How we can extend treatment to groups that are more averse to mental health care due to cultural beliefs and social stigma. As a South Asian woman, I am particularly interested in how we can extend treatment in a manner that is relevant and effective for South Asian cultural dynamics. 


I intend to pursue Clinical and Counselling Psychology in graduate school to become a licensed Psychologist or Psychological Associate, and I aim to open my own private practice one day!


Outside of academia, I am an avid artist with ongoing projects in music production, creative writing, acrylic painting, and clothes design – to name a few! I’m currently working on a dystopian space opera and novel (which is taking much longer than I anticipated), both of which I hope to publish one day!

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